What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the ideal way to add value to your years of prior study and hard-earned industry experience. Our expert team will carefully assess your career so far, including past qualifications, daily duties, and volunteering efforts to match you to an industry relevant qualification. Whatever your goal or industry, this is a genuine opportunity to give your career a boost.


For working professionals, RPL may be granted up to 100% of a vocational qualification (certificate or diploma). In the case of degrees, RPL may be granted for two-thirds (67%) of a qualification.

Our assessment process carefully considers your proven skills, existing qualifications across all levels, job title, and more. This allows us to align you to the right (and desired) qualification, certificate, diploma or degree, with the appropriate level of course credit. However much credit you are awarded, the qualification provided is no different to any other – it is a fully recognised piece of paper attained in less time and at a lower cost.

For Employers

Recognition of Prior Learning allows employers to recognise the hard work and wealth of experience of their team in a way that empowers one and all. Specialist projects, industry shifts and more can be tackled with greater confidence when every member of your team is given access to added skills, built upon their years of effort.

How to apply for RPL

Contact the staff at campus to discuss how you may gain credit through recognition of your skills, knowledge or experience as part of your previous part-time, full-time or casual work. Sphere Education may recognise relevant skills gained through community or volunteer work, sports team management, domestic responsibilities or even hobbies and leisure activities. These skills may be assessed as equivalent to meet the requirements of up to 100% of the course you are enrolled in.

Evidence requirements for RPL

You will need to provide evidence to the assessor at Sphere Institute to demonstrate that you have the skills and knowledge required to meet the requirements of the course you are enrolled in to receive credit.Evidence for RPL that you submit must be current and may include:

  • Letters and references, including confirmation from your employers, clients or community groups
  • References from your paid or unpaid work experience
  • Samples of your work, including reports, articles or publications

Copies of original certificates or other documents must be certified by a Justice of the Peace (JP). Alternatively, you may bring the original documents to be sighted by the assessor to certify your copies.

You may also be required to undertake an interview, practical assessment or challenge tasks to demonstrate that your skills are current. For more information download RPL form from below link.